MAG PUMP – Pistol and AR Magazine Loaders

mag pump loader
Unboxing of the Mag Pump ar15 and 9mm Pro Loaders and Magdump

I have loaded thousands of magazines over the last 20 plus years. Most by hand, some using devices that utilized military stripper clips and some that need the ammo to be oriented in a certain way for the device to work. I have found the most efficient way to load magazines is to have a technique that minimizes excess movement (key to efficiency and speed) and to keep the talking down to a minimum. I have got to the point that loading is a subconscious movement for me, unless I have to load a specific number of rounds for a drill. I am also aware that with the thousands of repetitions loading magazines, that I am faster (spelled: more proficient) at loading than the casual or weekend shooter. Most of the devices seem to break-even with loading by hand for me, when you have to include the prep-time for most of the devices, excluding the stripper clip loaders.

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