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The Dart24 Pack from 5.11

5.11  backpack with nalgene bottle
The Dart24 30L Pack from 5.11

As my wife can tell you, I have a lot of packs in my basement. She refers to it as the REI pile. I have several packs that have been issued to me over the last 20 plus years. There are military style packs designed to carry very heavy loads, hiking packs for trips anywhere from 1 to 5 days, packs designed to carry rifles and handguns and many day packs. They range from heavy Cordura® with molle straps to thin nylon ripstop. They come in browns and olive greens to blues and reds. As I have left the enforcement side and moved into the training side of operations, I still want the functionality of the military packs with the appearance of a civilian day pack. I carry a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis, whether it is for work or pleasure. This includes first aid kits, personal defense items, sustainment necessities and the items required for the primary task that day. This requires having clothing or packs that can haul all that around and provide easy access to them.

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The Union Waterproof 6″ Boot from 5.11 Tactical

product shot of 5.11 union waterproof boots
5.11 Tactical Union 6″ Waterproof Boots

As a fulltime Instructor, I spend a lot of time on my feet, so footwear is one of the most important pieces of kit I use. Until recently, I spent most of the last 4 years on an indoor/outdoor range teaching firearms. That meant that I could get away with some quality thick-soled, trail running shoes. The only element that I had to deal with was a little cold in the winter. Nothing a good pair of wool socks couldn’t fix. This last year I have begun teaching a more involved course, preparing people for overseas travel and work. During this course I find myself in the classroom, on an outdoor range, in the woods, driving a car or anything in between. The weather can vary just as much during the day, and I never know what elements my feet are going to need protection from.

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AAR for Adaptiv Concepts: Urban Escape & Evasion 101

Adaptiv Concepts: Urban Escape & Evasion 101

Adaptiv Concepts: Urban Escape & Evasion 101
December 29-30, 2018, Held at Blue Line Academy of Martial Arts, Wayne, PA (outside of Philadelphia)
Length: 2 days Cost: $275 Type of Training: Hands On / Interactive /Lecture
Skill Level: Beginner Prerequisites: None Instructor: Owner/Instructor Tom Leitner
Students: 7 with varying experience

I attended Adaptiv Concept’s course on Urban Escape & Evasion (E&E) the last weekend of the year. It was a two-day course consisting of lecture (discussion/audience participation was expected), practical application and observation exercises. The course was advertised as a beginner level course and the first in a series of 3 urban E&E courses. The level two will build on the skills learned and practiced in level one, in addition to introducing new skills. Finally, the level three course will review and implement all of the skills learned in practical exercises. Adaptiv Concepts maintain small student to instructor ratios, in order to make sure everyone gets one on one time and all questions are answered. Their goal is to make sure when you leave their courses, you won’t just know the material, you will understand it.

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